Emergency & Transitional Housing Program, Illinois

Housing ProgramThe Emergency Shelter program gives immediate and comprehensive shelter services to homeless persons and persons at risk of becoming homeless.

Persons who are homeless or at risk of homelessness can receive services.
The program provides funding for meals, shelter and supportive services to non-profit organizations and local governments.

Shelter programs in Illinois consist of:

  • Overnight shelters – a place to sleep for less than 12 hours.  Meals and supportive services are available.
  • Transitional shelters – shelter for up to 2 years with food and supportive services.
  • Voucher shelter – provided by hotels and motels through a voucher program when shelters are full or not available.

All organizations in this program must also provide supportive services to receive funding. Supportive services involve homeless people and homeless families with many programs to help them return to self-sufficiency. These services may include counseling, advocacy, transportation, training, abuse intervention, housing inspection and placement, and follow-up.

How are the services provided?
Services are provided at shelters run by non-profit organizations and local governments. Programs require that:

  • Shelters meet all local requirements and are safe and humane environments;
  • Shelter programs meet local community needs;
  • Shelter programs demonstrate that they can provide quality services and appropriate referrals to assist homeless persons;
  • Interaction and cooperation be strengthened with private agencies to provide an efficient and effective system for service delivery; and
  • New and varied methods of service delivery be encouraged to provide shelter.

Help line 1-800-843-6154

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  1. cp says

    Im a 51 year old woman with 2 children havent been able to find work for 4 years, we are losing our apartment for the second time in 2 years. need help

  2. Latrese Jenkins says

    Ive been residing in my apartment along with my boys 12 and 7 i lost my job in september2013 i havent been able to pay my rent for december and january my landlord is asking me to leave i have no place to go im in need of some help

  3. Candi says

    I’m in Los Angeles and I’m having a really hard time right now I have a 7 year old boy. And no place to live, dad doesn’t pay support. Can anyone offer me a place to go for help.

  4. kimberly says

    I’m a single mother i have a 1year old a 3 year old and one on the way with in a few days need help with housing

  5. cheery says

    I’m 22 with a son of 6 years of age lives in Alabama but is from Chicago Illinois an I’m trying to get home but I have no help or reliable resources or family can anyone please help

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