Emergency & Transitional Housing Program, Illinois

Housing ProgramThe Emergency Shelter program gives immediate and comprehensive shelter services to homeless persons and persons at risk of becoming homeless.

Persons who are homeless or at risk of homelessness can receive services.
The program provides funding for meals, shelter and supportive services to non-profit organizations and local governments.

Shelter programs in Illinois consist of:

  • Overnight shelters – a place to sleep for less than 12 hours.  Meals and supportive services are available.
  • Transitional shelters – shelter for up to 2 years with food and supportive services.
  • Voucher shelter – provided by hotels and motels through a voucher program when shelters are full or not available.

All organizations in this program must also provide supportive services to receive funding. Supportive services involve homeless people and homeless families with many programs to help them return to self-sufficiency. These services may include counseling, advocacy, transportation, training, abuse intervention, housing inspection and placement, and follow-up.

How are the services provided?
Services are provided at shelters run by non-profit organizations and local governments. Programs require that:

  • Shelters meet all local requirements and are safe and humane environments;
  • Shelter programs meet local community needs;
  • Shelter programs demonstrate that they can provide quality services and appropriate referrals to assist homeless persons;
  • Interaction and cooperation be strengthened with private agencies to provide an efficient and effective system for service delivery; and
  • New and varied methods of service delivery be encouraged to provide shelter.

Help line 1-800-843-6154

Find more information here

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  1. Aroura Duvall says

    Single mom with 14 month old looking for place to live have to be out by October 1 and I have no family to fall to for help.
    Please help

  2. Xtavia says

    I have a 4year old daugther I need help with low income house or apartment soon because the people I stay with is moveing soon October 1

  3. Myra Campbell says

    Single mother of a 6 month old need housing buy September first, I on the verge of being homeless with my baby. Please Help

  4. damisha says

    Single mom to 1 year old boy no place to live his father is kicking us out because he wants to live his life and not worry about his kid anymore I live in Lexington,ky really need help ASAP someone email me

  5. chrissy says

    im a single mother with two children i need a place to live have a job but cant afford the rent need a one bedroom or studio for now on west side of chicago il need a payment plan with the securty deposit help please need a safe place or i could roomate with another single mother in a safe enviroment

    • lynelle riddick says

      am a single parent with 7 children and its hard to get n housing we homeless and i work am a pca personal cate aide i need help theres no shelter open we need help with housing or apartment for low income god bless

  6. Markita Williams says

    im single mom of two my son and a daugher looking for help im homless have no place to go and my son been in the hospital for alomost an year please help me

  7. shana says

    I need help i have two childern and i am running from abuse men i lost my job i need help please email me back

  8. Jasmine says

    Please I have two kids only 8 months old, we are living with a friend, it’s very hard need help please email me back ASAP

  9. april says

    My Daughter and I just lost our home, she’s an amazing kid we live in california, I have a job but we have nowhere to go I don’t know wha to do I need to get a place even if is a 1 bedroom apartment, I need help with the deposit if someone would be willing to work with me I will have the 1st month rent but i don’t have the deposit i can only afford up probably a 1000.00 a month and i need the place as soon as possible if some one please work with me please.

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