Homeless Prevention, Illinois

Homeless PreventionWhat is the purpose of this service?
The Homeless Prevention Program provides rental assistance, utility assistance and supportive services directly related to the prevention of homelessness to eligible individuals and families who are in danger of eviction, foreclosure or homelessness or are currently homeless. The program is designed to stabilize individuals and families in their existing homes, shorten the amount of time that individuals and families stay in shelters and assist individuals and families with securing affordable housing.

Who can receive these services?
Persons who may be eligible include households that are in immediate danger of eviction, foreclosure or homelessness or are currently homeless. The household must document a temporary economic crisis beyond its control and must be able to demonstrate an ability to meet the prospective rental/utility obligations after the assistance has been granted based on current or anticipated income.

Over 14,000 households were served in FY2007, the majority of households were families.

What services are provided?
Homeless prevention services are provided through Illinois Homeless Services Continua of Care. This is a network of local governments, community organizations and non-profit agencies that are geographically linked together to cover the service needs of the entire state.

  • Payment of rent arrears to prevent eviction (3 months maximum).
  • Payment of a rent or security deposit (2 months maximum).
  • Payment of utility bills and arrearage.
  • Supportive services to prevent homelessness or repeated episodes of homelessness, include:
  • Housing Location/Inspection
  • Job Preparation/Employment Services
  • Counseling
  • Outreach
  • Follow-up
  • Case Management

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  1. Linda says

    I am a mother of a 4 year old son nd we have no place to go…
    we have no family or friends that will help us im 20 years old no job or HSD
    can someone plz help me I don’t know what to do or were to go….

  2. dominique simpson says

    i am 19 years old with a 4 year old son and a baby girl on the way in 4 weeks. I just graduated high school and was currently living with my father. my father the only living parent i had just passed away from cancer i have no income no family or friends. i have been living off of my fathers death benefits and now i have no money left to my name i have been paying all bills and taking care of the house on my own i need help please. i dont know where my light bill or next month rent will come from. I was just able to buy a car. I have to do something for my kids I need help please. this is not easy

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