Single Mom Stories

As a single mom do you ever feel stuck? Do you want your life to be different?
Do you want to see hope for the future?

This page will empower you with tools to recognize and overcome the practical and emotional obstacles to your success while gaining the wisdom and courage to move forward. Read here touching stories of parenting, friendship and faith. Be inspired by reading stories about real-life situations that single parents face. Learn how strength, determination and faith can overturn any obstacle that comes our way. Get inspired by single moms' uplifting stories of endurance and success in raising along accomplished children. These stories of sacrifice, hope, deception, despair, endurance and success are encouraging to single mothers struggling in similar situations.

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The Announcement

The Announcement

I remember clearly the night she told me. And even though somehow I knew she would, it was still a shock at the time. Amanda is my oldest child, and my only daughter. Through her young life she suffered many of the  blows that accompany an abusive dysfunctional marriage. She experienced firsthand ... Read More »

Grandmas Can’t Die

Awhile ago I was having a conversation with one of my older grand-daughters who is 5. Lately she is becoming more aware that when people get old they might die. She asked me if I was "Old" and after an inside chuckle I answered. "Well, I'm not real old, but I am older than your mommy, because I am ... Read More »

An Expat Single Mother in Dublin


My story begins almost 7 years ago. At that time I was looking for a new adventure, and just before I knew it, I was already living in one. I didn't know, that it would change the course of my life forever. It wasn't the first time that I was going abroad for an adventure. I decided to move to ... Read More »

Making It Home

Our Christmas cheer vanished like a dream on awakening. Even as I turned the frigid doorknob I could see Jake in the dark, fingering the piece of yellow tape--crime scene tape?-- tied to the tree next to our front door. My weariness in making it home after the long drive up north for our annual ... Read More »

Where Is Daddy Bear

Erin Stokes Son

I was thirty-two in the summer of 2011, and my life was finally beginning to look like something that made sense. It was me and my two girls, Lily, age nine, and Grace, age six. Their Dad and I had separated about four years prior. While still young, they weren't babies anymore, and their busier ... Read More »

The Mom of Many Hats

My favorite hat to wear is the one that consists of being a 30 year old single mom of an amazing 4 month old baby boy, Kaden. I must say that it takes a special person to be a mother! I'm so grateful that God trusted me to take care of this little guy! As mothers, we often dream of the "perfect" ... Read More »


Everybody needs love. Not a day goes by that I don't tell someone that I love them. There are a lot of hurt people in our world and the first way to connect is through compassion. Our children teach that lesson everyday. The way they take your hand, look at your face, cuddle in your arms, or bring ... Read More »


Think about your life, right now, at this very moment. If you had to do it all over again, would you? If you could take back the first path you walked on would you change direction? When you first met that "special" guy, would you have said, "next." If you could have gone back to school, held off on ... Read More »